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Uses and Application Prospects of Aluminums


What is the reason for the uneven color of the oxide film of the aluminum plate? Specifically, there are three main issues:

(1) The workpiece area of ​​the aluminum plate is too large, the swing in the groove is too large during operation, and the contact, renewal and exchange between the edge and the center part and the solution are too different, resulting in inconsistent color of the oxide film. Prevention method: When the aluminum plate is oxidized, the swing of the workpiece should be small, and static treatment is also possible, but when the solution temperature is too low, map-shaped mottles are prone to appear, which is unnatural.

(2) When the aluminum-clad sheet is processed, part of the aluminum-clad layer is damaged and cut off. The outer layer of aluminum is high-quality aluminum, and the inner layer of the clad is miscellaneous aluminum. "Like spots. This phenomenon is often not understood by customers, and manufacturers should do more explanation work to explain the reason, so as not to cause misunderstandings.

(3) Problems in the operation of aluminum plate oxidation process

① The alkaline etching treatment of the workpiece is not thorough, and the original oxide film and dirt in the local area cannot be completely removed;

②The surface of the workpiece is still alkaline if the light-emitting treatment is not performed immediately after the alkali etching;

③ The workpiece has come into contact with foreign objects during the transfer process.

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