Various Standard and non-standard specifications are both available as customers request.

Hot Rolled Steel Sheet Pile

Steel sheet pile is a type of steel with a lock, and its cross-section is straight, grooved and Z-shaped, and has various sizes and interlocking forms. The common ones are Larson, Lackawanna and so on. Its advantages are: high strength, easy to drive into the hard soil layer; can be constructed in deep water, if necessary, add inclined support to become a cage. Good waterproof performance; can form cofferdams of various shapes as required, and can be reused many times, so it is widely used.

Carbon steel plate

1. Power industry -- fan blades, burner pipelines, feeder and hopper lining, crusher parts, coal grinder parts, ash pipes, air handling systems and conveyors; 2. Have spentIron and steel industry - hopper lining, grille, feeder and base, dump truck, hopper, pipe, pump shell, crusher parts, slag trough, various chassis, vibrating screen;

Stainless steel plate

Stainless steel is an alloy of Iron with a minimum of 10.5% Chromium. Chromium produces a thin layer of oxide on the surface of the steel known as the passive layer. This prevents any further corrosion of the surface. Increasing the amount of Chromium gives an increased resistance to corrosion.

Carbon steel coil

Steel  coils are classified according to their professional uses, including oil drum plates, bulletproof plates, shipbuilding plates, automobile plates, construction plates, machining plates, etc. Specializing in the production and sales of carbon steel coils, factory direct sales, product grades and specifications are complete, and can certainly meet your various needs, welcome to consult

Galvanized Roof

Weather proof; heating insulation; fireproof; anti-rust; sound insulation; long life span: more than 20 years. Corrosion Resistance: the aluzinc coating surface protects the base steel not only by providing barrier to corrosion elements, but also by the sacrificial nature of the coating.

Galvanized coil

Galvanized coil, a thin steel sheet that is dipped into a molten zinc bath to adhere a layer of zinc to its surface. It is mainly produced by the continuous galvanizing process, in which rolls of steel sheet are continuously dipped into a bath of molten zinc to make galvanized steel sheet; alloyed galvanized steel sheet. This steel sheet is also manufactured by the hot dipping method, but immediately after leaving the bath, it is heated to about 500°C to produce an alloyed coating of zinc and iron. This type of galvanized coil has good paint adhesion and weldability.

Galvalume Coil

The surface of theGalvalume  Coil  is a unique smooth, flat and gorgeous star, and the basic color is silver white. The special coating structure makes it have excellent corrosion resistance. The normal service life of the Galvalume  Coil can reach 25a, and the heat resistance is very good, which can be used in the high temperature environment of 315 ℃; The coating has good adhesion with the paint film, has good processing performance, and can be punched, sheared, welded, etc; The surface conductivity is very good.

Galvanized I beam

The characteristics of galvanized I steel: 1. Strong corrosion resistance: the thickness of hot-dip galvanized layer can reach more than 300 m; 2. Good plasticity and toughness: no deformation in cold bending; 3. High strength: it can be used as the load-bearing framework of ceiling enclosure plate. 4. Good fire resistance: high melting point (1000 ° C), strong fire resistance; 5. Long service life: ≥ 100 years. 6. Flexible and fast installation: short construction period. 7. The color is bright and durable, without surface decoration

Carbon Steel I beam

I-beam, also known as steel beam (English name universal Beam), is a long steel with the section of the I-shaped. I-section steel is divided into hot rolIed I-beam  and lightweight  I-beam

Carbon steel round bar

Round steel belongs to carbon structural steel for construction and machinery, while square steel belongs to carbon structural steel for machinery. Both of them are simple section steel, and their section shapes are respectively round and square. Low carbon is mainly used for drawing wire, forging rivets, bolts, nuts and other metal products of raw materials. Medium carbon round steel and square steel are generally used to make mechanical structural parts.

Square Pipe(SHS)

Square tube size: 10*10mm-500*500mm. WT: 0.5-20mm L: 0.3-18mtr Standard & Grade: EN 10210:S235JRH,S355J2H,S355NH,S355J0H EN 10219:S235JRH,S355J2H,S355NH,S355J0H ASTM A500:Gr.A,Gr.B,Gr.C Surface:Black bared ,can be galvanized,oiled,painted,powdered. Packing: Waterproof plastic bag,bundle with strip

Carbon steel pipe

1. For pipelines. Water, gas pipes, steam pipes, and oil and gas trunk lines. 2. Tubes for thermal equipment. Superheating pipes, high temperature and high-pressure boiler pipes for locomotive boilers. 3. For the machinery industry. Aviation structural tubes, automobile axle tubes, tractor structural tubes, etc. 





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